Q: Will I be able to install this theme myself?

A: Of course! You will receive help files that will guide you through installation process.

Q: Can I use my own image header?

A: Yes, header image installation is also covered by help files.

Q: Still, I feel like I could use your help…

A: Anytime! I have help packages available on Etsy, let me know if you have problems with anything else.

Q: What WordPress version do I need to use your themes?

A: You need to run your blog on WordPress.org version, that can be installed only on self-hosted server.

Q: I don’t know what WordPress version I have, can you help?

A: Sure! Just drop me a line with your blog address, so I can tell if you already have proper WordPress version!

Q: Hey, I’ve already purchased this theme, but I want to have updated version…

A: You are entitled to upgrade the theme for free! Simply re-download the package you’ve already bought and install new theme.

Q: Okay, enough! Where do I begin?

A: Once you purchase the theme, please extract downloaded file, using free software like iZip (for Mac) or 7zip (for PC). Inside the package you will find all necessary files.

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