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General Installation

1. Installation via WordPress

  1. Go to Themes > Add New section on your blog dashboard,
  2. Click Add New button,
  3. Select and upload theme file,
  4. Activate new theme.
2. Activating required plugins

Skipping this point may lead to theme not working properly/inability to proceed with further installation guides

  1. If you see following message on your WordPress dashboard, click Begin Installing Plugins,
  2. Select and activate all necessary plugins.
3. Common Installation Errors

Unable to install theme – "The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet."
Most likely you are trying to upload entire package, not just a theme. Please make sure to extract purchased and downloaded ZIP file to your computer first, using free software like iZip (for Mac) or 7zip (for PC). All necessary files are inside the package, including theme.

Real feedback

from my Etsy shop

Luca was a HUGE help when it came to my Wordpress install. I am a newb at the Wordpress world but had a fundamental understanding. I trusted him to upload it on my behalf and it turned out amazing. It looks and runs so smoothly. I'd highly recommend this design to anyone who wants a unique and beautiful look to their blog!

Beautiful blog template! It's easy to set up and if you have any questions, Luca answers with superior customer service. I couldn't be happier - I highly recommend.

Lukasz is very nice and helpful. I'm just start blogging and asking him a lot question , he still willing to answer and assist me . Can't say thank you enough ! i love the template too

Handcrafted and maintained with

Hello, I'm Luca - founder and and owner of LucaThemes. My journey started 5 years ago and I happily develop and maitain WordPress themes for bloggers ever since. I was trusted by over 3000 happy clients, now I'm ready to supercharge your website!

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